What is Adware

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What is Adware

Adware is derived from two words “Ad” and “ware”, ‘Ad’ means Advertisement or simply Ads and ‘ware’ means Software. Hence Adware is often called Advertising supported software.

Adware is a software that displays unwanted and irritating pop-up ads whenever you surf any website. It generates lot of money for it’s developers by automatically displaying ads on your screen. These ads are not normal ads that you see on every website. Although these kinds of ads will not allow you to read the content clearly. They keep displaying on your screen and irritate you.

This is not the problem of the website. Although it’s your system which is infected by some kind of malware by which these irritating ads are keep displaying on your screen. Adware’s are typically made to display annoying ads on the victim’s screen, but some Adware’s have potential to steal or delete your personal data.

How do you get Adware

Adware normally gets in your system when you download any software from unknown sources. It get automatically install on your system and slowly start displaying annoying ads on your screen. It is typically made for computers but can also be found infect mobile devices.

Signs Your Computer is Infected With Adware

How to Remove Adware from Your System

Unfortunately there is no way to permanently remove an Adware from your system. However by applying these steps there are chances to get rid of it.

How to Prevent it

Everybody hates the pop-up ads. The best way to prevent these pop-up ads is to protect our computer or phone from Adware. Below are some tips which you can follow to protect your computer system from this virus.

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