The Kashmir Files Scam

Hi guys, in this post we are going to discuss about how cybercriminals misuse the popularity of the “The Kashmir Files”  movie to scam people on social media platforms.

As you may know that few months ago “The Kashmir Files” movie has been released and it becomes very popular in the short period of time. So, cybercriminals took the advantage of it’s popularity. They are exploiting the popularity of this movie to scam people on social media. More then 40 lakh rupees has been already robbed by the scammers and over 80 people had become the victim of this cyberfraud. Let me explain to you how this fraud works.

Since the “The Kashmir Files” movie has become very popular, everyone wants to watch this movie. So, cybercriminals took the advantage of it by circulating fake download links of the movie on social media platforms. They claim that with the help of this link you can download the movie for free. Once the user clicks on this link a malicious software is automatically installed on his phone/computer. And with the help of this malicious software attacker can remotely control the victim’s phone or we can say attacker get a complete access on victim’s phone. Now the attacker can steal his personal info and valuable files. Since, nowadays everyone have banking apps in their phone and their mobile number is linked to their bank account. So an attacker can easily hack their bank account and steal all their money.

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According to top sources cybercriminals mostly share these malicious links via WhatsApp. Cyber police also warned WhatsApp users about this fraud. They advise users not to click on any links received on WhatsApp related to the “The Kashmir Files” movie.

Attackers are also using the Vishing technique to steal money from victims bank account. In the Vishing attack an attacker calls the victim directly on phone. By pretending to be from trusted source. And ask user to hand over some sensitive details like credit card numbers. If the victim gets caught in his trap, the attacker can empty his/her bank account within few seconds.

The Kashmir Files Movie Scam – crus4

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