HTML Deprecated Tags – crus4

HTML Deprecated Tags What are Deprecated Tags? Deprecated tags are those tags which are replaced by some other tags. Deprecated tags are allowed to use but not recommended. Below is the list of Deprecated HTML tags: Tag Description Alternate Tag <applet> used to define embedded Java applet <object> <center> Align the text to the center […]

HTML Style Guide – crus4

HTML Style Guide Every developer loves to write neat and clean code, so that everyone can read and understand it easily. Here are some tips for writing good HTML code. Declare Document Type Whenever you create new HTML document always declare the Document type in your first line. It tells the browser version of HTML […]

HTML Head Element – crus4

HTML Head Element The HTML head Element is the container of lots of elements like <title>, <style>, <link>, <script>, <meta> and <base>. The <head> element is placed between the <html> and <body> tags. The <head> element is the container for metadata (information about the document). Metadata defines the document title, style, character set, scripts, and […]

HTML File Paths – crus4

HTML File Paths A File Path specifies the location of a file inside a website’s folder structure. We can also say it’s an address of a file which helps the Web Browsers to access the files. File Paths are mainly used to link external sources like images, videos, CSS & JS code etc. In order […]