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Mobile Phone Hacking is on the rise. Nowadays hackers mostly target mobile phones because they contain essential information like Banking details, Social media details, Personal information, Business information & more. Since all this information is present in a small computer (mobile phone) hackers try their best to hack it & many times they get succeed in their mission.

According to CyberSecurity experts 18000 mobile phones are hacked per day in 2018 which raises to 26000 per day in 2021. So according to this data we came to know that Phone Hacking is rapidly increasing. But how did you know that is your phone already hacked or not. Here are some signs that will help you to detect a hacker on your phone.

  1. It’s running slower than usual:- This is one of the most common phone hacked signs. If websites are taking too long to load or if your apps are suddenly crashing when you are using them, that means your phone is affected by malware, or in other words your phone is hacked.
  2. Your phone loses charge quickly:-  Malware & other malicious software’s sometimes use spiteful code that trends to drain a lot of battery. If your phone is losing charge quickly it is also the sign that your phone is been hacked.
  3. You notice strange activity on your Social media accounts:-  When a hacker gets into your phone he try to get access in your Social media accounts. Check unknown login locations or new account signup verification or you can also check likes & comments history. If you find any like or comment that you have not posted it is a clear sign that your phone or social media is been hacked.
  4. New apps are present in your phone which you don’t have installed:–  If you find any app in your phone that you don’t have have downloaded that means your phone is likely been hacked & it is a hacker who installs this app on your phone.
  5. Your phone feels hot:–  Usually your phone feels hot when you are continuously using it for a long time. But if you are not actively using your phone & still it feels hot, that means your phone is been used for a long time if it is not you it may be someone else.
  6. You notice unfamiliar texts & calls in your phone:–  If you see any unknown number in your dialed contact history whom you don’t have called or if someone tells you that you have called or texted them when you have not it is also a sign that your phone is hacked.
  7. Strange pop-ups:-   Seeing a lot of unusual pop up ads, on your phone may indicate malware.

What should I do if my smartphone is been hacked?

So far you have learned how to detect a hacker on your phone. Now it is time to fight back. Here is how you can kick out a hacker from your phone.

Delete all unknown apps

Review all your apps & check for anything unfamiliar. If you find any unknown app that you don’t have downloaded uninstall it quickly to prevent any future damage.

       Restore the device

Sometimes restoring a smartphone can also remove most malwares, but you will lose all the data stored on your phone. You should make a backup of all your files, notes etc before resetting your phone.

      Run Anti-Malware application

You can install Anti-Malware applications from google play store that will help you to detect a malware on your phone. There are many free Anti-Malware applications available on play store. I will recommend you to install Avast or Bitdefender.

Reset your passwords

 Change the password of all the accounts connected to your phone. This will prevent the hacker from stealing your personal data.

So, in this post we have discussed about how can you know that your smartphone is been hacked or not. And also what you have to do if your smartphone is hacked. If you like this post then share it to your friends & also subscribe our youtube channel for video tutorials crus4

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