Introduction to Hacking

There are various definitions you can get about hacking. Some people will say its illegal some will say it is legal & some will say it is a kind of thefting. Leave it aside, let me tell you what hacking exactly is

                       “Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access into a computer system, or a group of computer systems for the purpose to steal personal & financial information of the victim.”

Who are Hackers

A Hacker is a person who has excellent knowledge of programming & computer security. He uses his skills to get access into someone’s computer system without letting him know.

Everyone thinks that Hackers are criminals of the Digital World but this is totally wrong . Not all Hackers are criminals. Yes some hackers have malicious intent. Based on this we divide hackers into three common categories.

  • Blackhat Hackers (Crackers)
  • Whitehat Hackers (Ethical Hackers)
  • Greyhat Hackers
    1. Blackhat hackers:-  Blackhat hackers are criminals. They gain unauthorized access to the systems for the purpose to steal personal or financial data of the target. Blackhat hackers are also known as Crackers.

    2. Whitehat hackers:-  Whitehat hackers are referred to as security professionals. These hackers are employed by organizations, for the purpose to prevent any attack in future. These type of hackers also protect the cyberworld from every possible threat.

    They also get access into computer systems but with the users permission & for the purpose to fix any computer problem not with malicious intent like Blackhat hackers. Whitehat hackers are also known as Ethical Hackers.

    3. Greyhat hackers:-  These are the mixture of both Blackhat hackers & Whitehat hackers. A grey hat hacker can work as a security profession but can also hack someone’s computer without his permission. Although they don’t have malicious intent like Blackhat hackers  but what they did is still illegal.

    Legal Hacking

     Many people thought hacking is completely illegal whether it is Ethical hacking or Blackhat hacking. But what they think is totally wrong. Actually Ethical hacking is completely legal if an Ethical hacker obeys all the rules that a responsible hacker must follow like asks permission from the user before getting into his/her system, didn’t destroys his/her data & didn’t steal his/her data.


    . Hacking is a process of gaining unauthorized access into a computer system for the purpose to steal personal or financial data of a victim.

    . Hacker is someone who have good computer skills.

    . There are three types of hackers

         Whitehat hacker

         Blackhat hacker

         Greyhat hacker

    . Ethical hacking is legal

    So this is the basic overview about hacking. If you find it helpful then share it with your friends. You can also check our YouTube channel (crus4) where I upload videos about Ethical hacking, Cybersecurity, Programming & Networking.

    Introduction to Hacking – crus4

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