HTML Tables

HTML Tables are used to represent data in rows and columns.

In HTML, Tables are created using the <table> tag, along with various other tags, like <tr>, <th> and <td>. These tags respectively define the table row, table header and table data.

Table Rows

Table rows are specified with <tr> tag. We can make infinite number of rows in a table, but in order to make a stunning table we must add fixed number of cells (columns) in each row.

Table Header

Table header is specified with <th> tag. Everything between the <th></th> is the table header. Table header is somewhat bigger in size as compared to table data.

Table Cells

Table cells are specified with <td> tag. Everything written between the <td></td> is actually the main content of a table.

In an Example below let’s write a code to create a simple HTML Table.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>HTML Tables</title>
<h2>Create a simple HTML Table</h2>
<table border=1px;>

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HTML Tables

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