HTML Deprecated Tags

What are Deprecated Tags?

Deprecated tags are those tags which are replaced by some other tags. Deprecated tags are allowed to use but not recommended.

Below is the list of Deprecated HTML tags:

TagDescriptionAlternate Tag
<applet>used to define embedded Java applet<object>
<center> Align the text to the centertext-align
<font>define the font text, size and colorCSS styles
<dir>specifies a list of directory titles<ul>; list style
<blink> Displays an enclosed text, which flashes slowlyanimation
<frame> Specifies an alternate window, where we can load another web page<iframe>
<menu> specifies where to open the link<ul>
<marquee>Creates a scrolling image or textanimation, transform
<s>Specifies an irrelevant texttext-decoration
<strike>Specifies a strike through text<del>

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