How to Become a Hacker After 12th

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So you are interesting in Hacking or you wanna to become an Ethical Hacker. But before you begin your journey you must be aware of the challenges you might have to deal with. If you watch any YouTube video, they will tell you that it takes 2 or 3 months to become a hacker. But the reality is totally different. It takes years of hardworking and continuous focus to achieve this goal.

With this brief introduction I don’t wanna to discourage you. I am just trying to make sure that if you have enough motivation and willpower to achieve this goal or you just google it for fun. Well you are still reading this, so you have taken your first decision to become an Ethical Hacker. Now the question is where should you start. Well don’t worry about that, I am going to share with you step by step guide that you should follow to become an Ethical Hacker.

Step 1:

Understand Basic Hacking Terms

The first thing you have to do is to learn and understand the meaning of some basic terms used in Hacking, like computer security threats, Cyber Security, Tap Jacking, bWAPP etc. You should also know about the Types of Hackers, DoS and DDoS attack, MITM attack, and some other popular attacks.

Step 2:


The open-source operating system LINUX/UNIX provides better security for computer systems. Every hacker must have enough knowledge about LINUX, because it provides some useful tools for hackers and is one of the most used OS in hacking. One of the most famous LINUX distribution Kali Linux is specially customized for hacking.

Step 3:

Learn HTML Language

Most of the people recommend you to learn a Programming Language if you want to make your carrier in Ethical Hacking. But I will never recommend you to directly learn Programming Language. I am not telling you not to learn Programming Language. But it’s good for you to learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) before learning any Programming Language.

You can learn it from many free resources available on the web or you can learn it from our Free HTML Tutorial. For Video Tutorial Click Here.

Step 4:

Learn Programming Language

Once you have done with HTML. Now it’s time to start learning a Programming Language. But there are many Programming languages which one should you learn. Well you must start with the mother of all programming languages C. C is called the mother of all programming languages. As a hacker you must have enough knowledge about C Programming Language.

To become as master in hacking you must learn more than one Programming Language. You can learn Python, JavaScript or PHP.

Step 5:

Learn Networking

Hacking is all about playing around the Network. To become a pro hacker you must be good at Networking. You must know how networks are created. What is TCP/IP, What are network devices, How to use them. You also must have enough knowledge about Networking tools like Nmap, Wireshark etc.

You can Learn Networking for free from our Networking Course. For Video Tutorial Click Here.

Step 6:

Learn Cryptography

Cryptography is a practice or study of techniques used for secure communication, in the presence of third party. An expert hacker must need to understand and master the art of cryptography.

Step 7:

Read Books and Articles Written by Experts

Read some good books and as much articles as you can written by experts in the field of Ethical Hacking. To become the master in hacking or in any other field you must read books and articles that are written by experts.

Step 8:

Explore the Hidden Web

The Hidden Web (Dark Web) is the part of the internet that cannot be accessed by using the normal browser. To access the Dark Web you must use an anonymizing browser called Tor browser.

You probably may know about the Dark Web and you also know it is a hub of Terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals, and actually it is. But not everything is illegal in the Dark Web, it also has a legitimate side. Thus it’s necessary to know about it and how it works.

Step 9:

Experiment a Lot

This is the very important step for setting yourself up as an expert Ethical Hacker. Experiment on everything that you have learnt. You only need to one Desktop/Laptop to start with, however once you advance you can add more computers and some hardware for your Experiment.

Step 10:

Explore Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability simply means the weakness or loophole in the system. One single vulnerability can destroy a system. You can lookup for such loopholes by scanning the system or network. You should try to write your own vulnerabilities and exploit the system.

Step 11:

Participate in Hacking Challenges

Try to participate in online or offline hacking challenges. This will help you in sharpen your knowledge. There are many websites out there who conduct hacking challenges online.

Step 12:

Attend Webinars

Attend online or offline webinars related to Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking. Try to give a speech on these webinars and share your experience with others. In this way you can meet up with new hackers.

Step 13:

Continuous Learning

The key of success in hacking and also in other field is the continuous learning. You should always be up to date about everything new that is happening in the hacking world. You may have heard that there is no end point in learning. The more you learn about hacking the more you realize that their is more that you don’t know.

By following these steps you will become a successful Hacker. But as a responsible citizen don’t misuse your power as it may land you in dire situations. Don’t harm anyone with your knowledge. Work for government or any other trusted private company and live a happy life like.

That is it for today I hope you guys find it informative share it with your friends who also wanna became a hacker like you.

If you anything wrong in this post let me know in the comment section below.

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