How to Download and Install VS Code on Windows/Mac

Hi guys, in this Article we will show you How you can Download and install Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on your Windows or Mac operating systems.

About Visual Studio Code

VS code is short for Visual Studio Code, it is an streamlined code editor with lots of powerful features like debugging, snippets etc. VS Code is made by Microsoft in 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. According to 2021 Stack Overflow survey, VS Code was ranked the most popular developer environment tool. It is also said that 70% of developers are using it.

Download Visual Studio Code:

For Downloading the Visual Studio Code just open your browser and type in the search bar Download Visual Studio Code. Now click on this link

and it will take you to this page

Now here you have to choose the appropriate file according to your operating system. Once you select the file wait for the few seconds and your downloading will start. Once it downloaded a popup window will open in front of you like this

Click on i accept and then click on next. Then it will take you to this page

Here it says where you want to install your VS Code you can select different location by clicking on Browse, then click on next. After that it says select some additional tasks you would like,

I will select them all and click on next. Then click on the install and wait for some time and your Visual Studio Code will be installed on your operating system.

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How to Download and Install Visual Studio Code on Windows/Mac

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