Computer Security Threats

So, how this hacking actually occur. How some people lost millions of dollars. How the data of many organizations are leaked. Why some big companies pay thousands of dollars to cybersecurity experts. All these things occur because of Computer Security Threats. In our Previous Post we have learned what hacking exactly is. Now in this article we will learn how this hacking actually occur.

So, all the hacking occurs due to Computer Security Threats. Some of the main Computer Security Threats are:

  • Computer Virus
  • Computer Worm
  • Adware
  • Keylogger
  • Scareware
  • Malware
  • Trojan
  • Backdoor
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware

Computer Virus:-

A Computer Virus is a type of a malicious software that can destroy your system data or your personal files. Viruses can also slow down your system.

Your Computer is infected by virus by various means. Likewise, when you download any unknown software from third party websites. Or when any file is transferred from an infected system to another.

Hackers use various social engineering techniques to trigger you to install any particular software. Likewise, they may say that download this software and earn money online. Or download this software and track anyone’s exact location, and so on.

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Computer Worm:-

A Computer Worm is somewhat similar to Computer Virus. The only difference is that the Computer Virus requires a trigger to be installed on victim’s computer, as we discussed earlier. While as Computer Worm doesn’t require any kind of trigger. If a Computer Worm is active on an infected device, the worm can spread over a network through internet. Computer Worms can also spread through USB drives.


Adware is a software that displays unwanted and annoying ads whenever you browse internet. The developers of this Adware earn lot of money by automatically displaying ads on your screen. These types of ads will not even allow you to read the content clearly. Usually Adware’s are made to display annoying ads, but some Adware’s have potential to steal or delete your personal data.

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Keylogger is a software that records every single key (alphabet) that you type on your system. It is installed once on the victim’s system and it keep on stealing all the keys that the victim types on his/her computer. It is a good way to get victim’s password and other sensitive information like credit card details etc.


You may have seen that some antivirus software’s are displaying a pop-up window on your screen, which shows that your personal data is at risk or 3-4 harmful files are found on your computer. In most of the cases there is nothing to be worried about, they just wanna trigger you to purchase their product. Although it is not any type of threat but they are actually trying to scare you, so that you purchase their product.


Malware is a malicious software that is designed by hackers in order to gain unauthorized access into victim’s computer system. Malware can be installed on your computer by various means, (as we discussed earlier).

Once the malware is installed on your system the attacker can remotely control your system. He can delete your important files, damage your system or even steal your personal or financial information.

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A Trojan is a type Malware that looks a legitimate application. Once Trojan is installed on the victim’s system it can transfer all the files to it’s creator. Since the Trojan has similar functions like some legitimate applications (TeamViewer) so it’s almost impossible to detect.


Backdoor as the name indicates. A Backdoor is a way to access someone’s computer system without his knowledge. So that, in future when the attacker wants to access the target’s system again, he can use this secret way (Backdoor).


A Ransomware is a type of malicious software which encrypts/locks the victim’s sensitive data, and then the attacker asks for money to unlock the data. Ransom demand comes usually with a deadline if the victim doesn’t pay on time he may lost his all data.

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Spyware is also a type of malicious software that when installed on the victim’s system provides real time and share with an attacker. Although Spyware doesn’t have potential to delete or the Victim’s data but they can record all the activities that you perform online.

So, these are some Computer Security Threats that an Ethical Hacker needs to manage and have enough knowledge about it. He must know what is a Virus, how it spreads and what should we do to remove it.

Computer Security Threats

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