What is Adware – crus4

What is Adware What is Adware Adware is derived from two words “Ad” and “ware”, ‘Ad’ means Advertisement or simply Ads and ‘ware’ means Software. Hence Adware is often called Advertising supported software. Adware is a software that displays unwanted and irritating pop-up ads whenever you surf any website. It generates lot of money for […]

Malware Explained – crus4

Malware Explained: According to top sources around 94% of malwares are delivered via spam Emails, by using Phishing, Vishing and other social engineering techniques.

The Kashmir Files Movie Scam – crus4

The Kashmir Files movie has become very popular everyone wants to watch this movie. So, cybercriminals took the advantage of it’s popularity by circulating fake download links on social media.