JavaScript Data Types (with examples)

JavaScript Data Types (with examples) JavaScript is a dynamically-typed language that supports a variety of data types. Data types in JavaScript define the type and nature of the data that can be stored in a variable or passed to a function. Understanding the different data types in JavaScript is essential for developing robust and efficient […]

JavaScript Variables – var, let, const

JavaScript Variables – var, let, const What are JavaScript Variables? JavaScript is a dynamic and flexible programming language used for developing web applications. One of the most important concepts in JavaScript is variables. A variable is a container that stores a value, which can be of any data type, such as a number, string, or […]

JavaScript Variables

JavaScript Variables JavaScript Variables are used to store values, such as numbers, strings, or objects, that can be used throughout a program. To create a variable in JavaScript, we use the “var”, “let”, or “const” keyword, followed by the name of the variable, an assignment operator, and the value you want to assign to the […]

How to Add Comments in JavaScript

How to Add Comments in JavaScript Comments in JavaScript or in any other language are used to describe and explain the code. Comments make it easier for other developers to understand and maintain the code. There are two ways to add comments in JavaScript: To add a single-line comment in JavaScript, use two forward slashes […]

What is JavaScript Console

What is JavaScript Console JavaScript Console is a tool present in all web browsers that allows developers to interact with and debug JavaScript code on a web page. It provides a command line interface where you can type JavaScript commands and see the output of those commands. In most web browsers the Console can be […]

JavaScript Output

JavaScript Output JavaScript Output specifies the ways to display the output of a given JS code. The output can be specified by using four different ways. These are: 1. InnerHTML:- This method is used to access an element. It specifies the HTML content. Example Here the id attribute specifies the HTML element. The property innerHTML […]

Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript JavaScript is a simple, easy-to-learn, quick and powerful programming language, which can be used in all kinds of websites. It provides a lot of opportunities for you to create more interactive websites than merely static html pages. JavaScript is a server-side programming language. As such, it runs on the client side of […]