Create a Link in HTML

To create a link in HTML, we have to use an anchor tag. Along with this a tag we have to use the href attribute to specify….

HTML figure and figcaption

HTML figure and figcaption The HTML <figure> and <figcaption> tags are used to group an image, video, or other types of media content along with its caption or description. The HTML <figure> element is used to mark up any media file in a document and <figcaption> element is used to define the caption for that […]

What is input tag in HTML

What is input tag in HTML The HTML input tag is used to collect the user’s data. That is why it is most important form element (because in the form we are collecting user’s input). The HTML <input> tag is used to create various types of form controls such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, […]

How to Add Radio Button in HTML

How to Add Radio Button in HTML In this article, we will learn almost everything about HTML Radio Button and also learn how you can Add Radio in HTML. What is HTML Radio Button The <input type=”radio”> element is used to create a radio button in HTML. “radio” is a form control that allows the […]

HTML form Element

HTML form Element HTML <form> element is used to create a container for user input, such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and buttons. It allows users to enter and submit data to a web server for processing. Aa a web developer, you need to create forms in various situations. For example, you are working […]

HTML Tables

HTML Tables HTML Tables are used to represent data in rows and columns. In HTML, Tables are created using the <table> tag, along with various other tags, like <tr>, <th> and <td>. These tags respectively define the table row, table header and table data. Table Rows Table rows are specified with <tr> tag. We can […]

HTML Canvas Images – crus4

HTML Canvas Images HI guys, in this post we are going to draw an image on Canvas. To draw an image on canvas we are going to use drawImage(image, x,y) method. Here we need an image’s destination point and an image object. Here x,y are the coordinates of canvas. Example Output How to Embed Multiple […]