Canvas Game HTML – crus4

Canvas Game HTML Hey guys, in this tutorial I will share with you that how can you create a Game using HTML Canvas. As I already told you in our previous tutorial that canvas element is only the container for graphics. To actually draw the graphics you must make use of scripting language like JavaScript. […]

HTML Video Element – crus4

HTML Video Element In HTML, the <video> element is used to display a video on a web page. At present, there are three video formats that are supported for HTML <video> Element. These are: mp4, WebM, Ogg. In the below table let’s see which browser supports the video file format. Browser mp4 WebM Ogg Chrome […]

SVG Tutorial – crus4

SVG Tutorial About SVG SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG is used to vector based graphics in XML format. It is an W3C recommendation and it integrates with other W3C standards such as the DOM and XSL. In an Example below let’s create a simple svg graphic, and can also edit the svg on […]

SVG Stroke Properties – crus4

SVG Stroke Properties SVG offers different stroke properties that can be applied to any kind of lines, text and outlines of elements. In this chapter we will take a look at the following stroke properties: stroke stroke-width stroke-linecap stroke-dasharray SVG stroke Property The stroke property specifies the color of a line, text or outline of […]

What is Adware – crus4

What is Adware What is Adware Adware is derived from two words “Ad” and “ware”, ‘Ad’ means Advertisement or simply Ads and ‘ware’ means Software. Hence Adware is often called Advertising supported software. Adware is a software that displays unwanted and irritating pop-up ads whenever you surf any website. It generates lot of money for […]

SVG Text Element- crus4

SVG Text Element SVG <text> Element In SVG the Text Element (<text>) is used to define a text. We can change the color of our text and can also apply gradient, mask or filter to our text. Below in an example let’s write an SVG code to write a stylish text: Example The Attribute x […]

HTML Elements Vs Tags – crus4

HTML Elements Vs Tags HTML Elements Vs Tags Most of the beginners think HTML Elements and Tags are same, but actually they are not. HTML Element is the content that is written between the start tag and an end tag. While as HTML Tags are like keywords or simple instructions that tells the web browser […]

SVG Triangle – crus4

SVG Triangle SVG Triangle In our Previous Article we have learnt about SVG Polygon. Where we learn that polygon is any closed figure with three or more than three straight sides. Since the triangle also consists of three sides, so we are gonna use the <polygon> element to create a triangle. Below in an Example […]

SVG Polygon Animation – crus4

SVG Polygon Animation SVG Polygon Polygon is a plane closed figure with three or more then three straight sides and angles. The <polygon> element is used to create a polygon. Below in an example let’s write an SVG code to create a polygon with three sides. Example The attribute points specifies the x and y […]

How to Become a Hacker After 12th – crus4

How to Become a Hacker After 12th Introduction So you are interesting in Hacking or you wanna to become an Ethical Hacker. But before you begin your journey you must be aware of the challenges you might have to deal with. If you watch any YouTube video, they will tell you that it takes 2 […]